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Founder, True You

Danielle Morrow

Danielle Morrow is a former software engineer and lawyer, who through following her love and inspiration for deep transformation and spirituality is now the founder of True You. She continues to pursue the higher potentials and possibilities of her soul through her own spiritual and transformational growth, discovery, and evolution. She helps her clients and students discover, explore, and open to the greater and truer depths of their true selves. They discover that what they have been seeking their entire lives has always been here because what they have been seeking is to BE who they truly are. They begin to have a radically different experience of love, aliveness, wholeness, connection, and deep inner peace. She is an author, YouTuber, international speaker, coach, teacher, artist of possibility and heart and soul expressed entrepreneur. She loves being immersed in developing her craft -- the unique gift she was born to share with the world. In addition to her life’s work she is passionate about meditation, health, fitness, traveling, and environmental issues. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her adorable dogs, Sade and Stefani.

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